Our Mission

Gratus Housing Advocates [GHA] is nonprofit fair housing organization committed to ensuring that all protected class members are provided equal housing opportunity without regard to their race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability. GHA will primarily focus its efforts on the housing rights of the active duty and veteran military, law enforcement, and first responder community- known as “Heroes”- in the Southeastern United States. While GHA will assist any person to exercise their housing rights for the purposes of protecting and establishing their fair housing opportunities, GHA will focus on the housing issues affecting the Hero Community, to include their family members and organizations, not limited to any protected class membership. To meet its mission, GHA is committed to providing fair housing related services through counseling, referral services, advocacy, investigation, education and outreach, to anyone involved in the housing process. GHA is authorized to file fair housing complaints to affirmatively further fair housing rights.

Gratus Housing Advocates [GHA], a nonprofit fair housing civil rights organization, is devoted to:

  • Eradicating housing discrimination for all protected classes, especially those families of the Hero community
  • Encouraging policies which promote open, accessible, and inclusive communities; and
  • Strengthening enforcement of fair housing laws.
  • Providing real-time interactive support and access via our online and social media channels
GHA serves the Southeastern United States, to include Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.

How Does Gratus Achieve Its Mission?

  • Assists individuals, families, and organizations with housing discrimination complaints to protect and establish their fair housing rights.
  • Initiates investigations to identify housing discrimination and secure necessary evidence to support housing discrimination complaints.
  • Collaborates with membership organizations to create joint multimedia solutions to educate their members and their community about fair housing rights
  • Engages in outreach and educational activities to increase community awareness about fair housing rights.
  • Uniquely offers real-time fair housing advice, education, and interaction with the public via its social media and online channels; GHA is therefore always available for immediate interaction.
  • Provides direct assistance, training, and other fair housing expertise to strengthen fair housing law enforcement.
GHA’s advocacy, counseling, and investigative services are always free of charge to any victim of housing discrimination who wishes to file a fair housing complaint to protect or establish their fair housing rights, regardless of household income.